What do you think of these funny creatures?

These characters and creatures are part of a little fantasy realm I am creating. There´s a pigheaded grocer Mortimer Crapshaw, faun siblings Francis – a bit young and clumsy but a hero in the making –  and Elka, his older and quite temperamental sister, their adoptive fathers Giorgio and Massimo who are decent, well-mannered intellectuals , and Lucius Donk the Muli-centaur with big ego and biceps, and “the woodies” who are teacher-creatures in different age stages , assisted by a mighty threeheaded dragon which has not yet reached it´s final form, waterfairies and waterdragons who have an important environmental-related job to do  …  and there are many more to come! Let´s  see how all their personalities and their whole world take shape.



Mortimer Crapshaw, the grocer (pics by Th. Schramm)




Francis , a young teenage faun (pic 2 by Th. Schramm)



Elka, his older sister (pic by Th. Schramm)




Giorgio and Massimo Faun,  two friendly intellectuals (pic 1 by Th. Schramm)



Lucius Donk, a Muli-centaur with quite a big ego (pic by Th. Schramm)


IMG_0024klein IMG_0019klein

young and old Woody, passionate teacher-creatures (pics by Th. Schramm)


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