Speaking of stones…apropos Steine…

As all of you, my dear followers, are very talented and creative people, it would be great to hear your opinion on what to make from this lovely, reddish, rather flat and bonehard stone…any suggestions? ;D      There are some nice warm autumn weekends ahead of us – I am sure about that – so I really would like to use them for some outdoor-stonework before winter comes. So please help me out with some ideas.

Upcoming posts:
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> Rufus, the coati – meet grocer Crapshaw´s witty assistant / Rufus, der Nasenbär – lernt den putzigen Gehilfen von Krämer Crapshaw kennen
> Waterdragon Dougal – on and off-duty  / Wasserdrache Dougal – im Dienst und im Freizeitdress



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