Done. Waterfairy Ira.


(pic by Th. Schramm)


???????????????????????????????  ???????????????????????????????

Those of you who have seen the older post about the waterfairy might remember my plans to build a whole body sculpture…here it is: this is waterfairy Ira, who is a very kind soul and tends to have quite a philosophic view on life…his job sure is not that intersting, floating around the pond, breathing water in, breathing water out, contemplating

…so if he hears someone approaching the pond, you can be sure that he will stick his head out to have a thorough chat.

As I do not want him to be too lonely, I will create him a companion, Moira. At this moment. I don´t know for sure how they reproduce, but I will figure out and let you know 😉

??????????????????????????????? with his lashes up,

??????????????????????????????? with his lashes down.

???????????????????????????????  This is how his hands look like, he sure can give you a squashy handshake.


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