A happy new year to you all, I hope you are well! Starting 2014 with some tricky business…

… do you remember the little soapstone owl I posted not long ago? Well, I gave it away as a present, but before that I moulded and castet it to experiment a bit …and as I really like coppery-brownish-reddish colours, I faked a rusty surface.  It was my very first try without any references and I just kind of intuitively worked some layers of paint on it…I quite like the effect.

What do you think?

I find it quite fascinating what can be done with “fake” surfaces, I will go on experimenting, and might try something really challenging … wood ?!?

Last year I attended a real interesting course in London led by David Neat, a real expert in modelmaking, moulding and casting (see his informative blog www.Davidneat.wordpress.com), and I really learned a lot there, had a great time, and will add some work-in-progress-Pictures from that experience shortly.














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