Some architectural impressions from “just around the corner”…

I browsed through my travel photographs and thought I put some interesting architectural views online, more or less at random ;-). The trips to Berlin, Groningen (NL) and London where I took these pictures  were very enjoyable. Berlin / Potsdam was a nice mother-daughter-museeums-shopping-trip, Groningen (just a 2 h drive from my home in northern Germany) was one of several walking-around-enjoying-the-pretty-town trips (and it has a great Modern Art Museum and trendy shops!) and London – one of my favourite cities – was one of many trips to explore the great city and get to know Greenwich,  a very interesting and nice area (with a fantastic park ruled by cute squirrels).

These first two pics are from the surrounding parc of Castle Sansouci in Potsdam near Berlin  – a beautiful area with wonderful views & gardens outside, and full of history & glamour inside the Castle (photography forbidden, but I remember the impressive, artful, really glorious marble floors).




Here some of the views in Groningen.

Neuwe Kirk catching the sunshine.















This interesting artwork was presented at the top of a staircase in Queenshouse, Greenwich(London)



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