Nice paths to follow, part I

Browsing through my travel pics, I noticed that I captured quite a few nice paths, so I will post some of them in a three-part-serie. I hope you enjoy them. They gave and give me an uplift, as the last days were quite unnerving for me, I started the week with a big bang walking full speed into the door and badly bashing up two toes. They are of an impressive swollen blue and my walk sure isn´t as elegant as it usually is, haha. And there are some other things that don´t work out as I would like them to, soooo let us enjoy some nice paths and dream of what lays beyond them!

1_pathArrowtown, NZ


Christchurch, NZ



Ciudad de Bolivar, Venezuela


4_pathWhitianga, NZ

5_pathCoromandel , NZ

???????????????????????????????Stewart Island, NZ

???????????????????????????????Kaikoura, NZ


8_pathMarlborough Sounds, NZ

9_pathKaikoura, NZ


???????????????????????????????Dunedin (Botanical Garden), NZ

???????????????????????????????Kaikoura, NZ

30_pathQueen Charlotte Sound, NZ


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