work-in-progress: supersculpting a donkey centaur

Hi, some of you might remember an older post from my creature and character section of my fantasy realm. The character I´m talking about is the shady muli/donkey centaur Lucius Donk, the villain-to-be of the story I´m working on. So far, there was a sculpted and painted head and there was a first-try-full-body maquette. But then I got my hands on SuperSculpey and…well see the first results. He still is a bit too short legged but hey, he´s a donkey. And his expression should be a bit more cunning and sinister, but I think he is just too happy about the sixpack I gave him so don´t trust his smile 😉





this last pic shows the head on the left, the first-try-maquette with way-too-short-legs on the right and the little play-Quarterhorse I used as a reference up front.

It sure is a challenge – sculpting horses (donkeys)  and human bodies. But I enjoy it and will work on him the next days.


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