Look at me-ee-ah!

Yay!  A fun paint-job finished …Lucius sure is a good-looking bloke, don´t you think?



LUCI-A - Kopie              LUCI-B - Kopie

Now, if I were a young teenage faun-girl like Elka (please see my earlier post in cat. creatures and characters) I sure would have a crush on him, too 😉 .
And that is an important part of the story happening in my fantasy realm….but of course I cannot tell you any details right now, just as much…there will be a tragic love story, an adventure with a mysthical treasure to discover, strong friendships to form, surprising events to happen, family bonds to develop, some dreams to come true, some dreams to fail, unhealthy ambitions to mistrust, courage and loyalty to support and much much more…and all that will take place in a little community with a bunch of (mainly) goodhearted creatures of many different forms and types.


4 thoughts on “Look at me-ee-ah!

    • Oh thank you, Karen, now I am reluctant to tell him what you said about him, it might add a bit too much to his vanity ;-)). How is your sweet sculpey cat ?? Your last pics of him were great…


    • Thank you so much, I appreciate your visit and positive feedback. I took a thorough look at your site – great creations! I sure will come over again to keep up with what you are doing. Have a great day!


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