Step into the office of Miles Mulligan III.



(pics by Th. Schramm)

Welcome to the office of mayor Miles Mulligan III, fully “garbed” in his best – well – fur, a nice handmade mug with a dipped-in biscuit handy (not in tea, rather a veggie-broth as the whole community of my fantasy realm is vegetarian), a functional stylish (kind of) desk and quite a few meaningful thoughts to share. I imagine him having a nice full far-carrying baritone voice (Richard Armitage-ish) with a slight Scottish accent ;-).

I had a lot of fun scultping & painting him and crafting his office “chair” and “desk”. The latter both are made of styrofoam. For the sofa – yes I name it, can´t really tap around it, eh? He loves his comfy office-sofa – I used felt which I sewed onto the base.

The mug is made from clay, the biscuits are – can you believe it – real, just like the pen and paper. Oh and the carpet is handknitted by me, yeah I know a bit wobbly , but it´s rustic style out there in Faunia.

Hope he makes you smile just like he made me smile on this rainy monday. Please feel free to comment, I look foreward to hearing from you.




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