Meet Faunia´s magic musician Jamie Finn Softone!

This is the dashing, talented and passionate harptrumpeteer James Arthur Floyd-Finnegan, or better known as Jamie Finn Softone.



(pics by Th. Schramm)



Let me tell you a bit about him.

Jamie Finn is a really inspirational faun with a strong DIY-attitude. He not only sings, but plays and builds all kinds of instruments you can imagine. He lives in a cozy hutt in the rolling green hills of Faunia (see pic).


Next to his hutt, there also is a spacious studio and workshop. In the back, he has a sunny patio and a huge garden where he grows a great variety of greeneries and has a small coffee-plant. He is an expert in growing coffee beans that make the blackest, strongest and most delicious smelling coffee in whole Faunia. There is also an impressive variety of pumpkins in all shapes and sizes you can imagine. Jamie not only cooks the best pumpkin soup you have ever tasted, but his pumpkins also fulfill another important need – from the dried & hardened shells he builds shapely banjos, guitars, violins and parts of some crossover-instruments you have never heard of.

For some instruments like his harptrumpet or his wonderful drums, he also uses wood as Faunias vast forests offer an unbelievable variety of different trees. The strings for his harp, guitars, violins and banjos are made from a special weed which Jamie finds in the pond (see pic) . There he usually has a thorough philosophical chat about life with waterfairy Ira (and his wife Moira, you will meet her soon).


Often Jamie is visited by travelling musicians, who buy some of his wondrous instruments and enjoy the high quality craftsmanship (and the accompanying bowl of pumpkin soup and nice cup of mindblowing coffee). This is one way for Jamie to hear what is going on beyond the borders of Faunia. Another way for him is to take one of his newest, most intriguing instruments and go off wandering, playing haunting tunes and meeting his audience.

From time to time, Jamie Finn is accompanied by two furry friends that live near him, a linx and a fox, who love to support him vocally (with a hearty purr and soft howl…you will meet them soon). Jamie Finn feels very comfortable with his life, enjoys what he does and would not want it any other way.

This awsome character is based on a living person of „our“ world named James Radcliffe. James wholeheartedly agreed to be part of this story and – that is really true – had thought of himself as a faun anyway, should he ever be in the situation of becoming a mythical creature. I do start to believe in synchronicities…

Upcomig posts:

Faunia´s three-headed-dragon and teacher assistant Tripodd, who is keen on keeping the classroom quiet and the pupils attentive. He is a bit foodoriented and – well, let´s say he is not the brightest creature in Faunia. So especially in summer when the little Faunians secretly munch those sunny-sweet blueberries under their desks, Tripodd with his three supersensitive noses will without hesitation smell those goodies and snapp out to get his share. Unfortunately, he is a bit clumsy and greedy and will not only swallow those tempting berries but also the accompanying child. But do not worry, he too is vegeterian and cannot digest a Faunian child. After a short time in Tripodd´s spacious greeny-shady-kaleidoskopic body, the offending child will be spat out, completely unharmed but a bit green and a bit smelly. So there will be no escape from honestly answering the parents´question „have you been good at school?“ as the truth is more than obvious.

So watch this space, there are more creatures to be brought to life…

Have a wonderful Easter holiday!


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