work-in-progress: dragons of metal and stone

Good morning!

Why work on just one piece at a time when there are usually at least two other unfinished ones standing around you, whispering “hey what are you gonna do with me, eh?” ?

This metal-dragon is yet to be completed with a wire-cage to keep his belly-clock securely in place. He is my first metal-workpiece ever. I especially like his feet, what do you think? I used a very cool plasma-cutter to slice them out of a huge plate of metal.

See how long he´s been waiting patiently to be finished, he even got rusty (which was of course fully intended by the artist ) ;-). The piece is called  “U(h)rzeitviech” in German, not so easy to be translated into English with the same nice wordplay, but maybe I just call it “The time of the Dragon” .




This soapstone-creature is ready to awake from its crawling posture, do you see a dragon like I do as well, or do you see something completely different in it?

Would love to hear your thoughts….





2 thoughts on “work-in-progress: dragons of metal and stone

    • H Rachel, nice to hear from you, thanks for your comment. This is so far my first piece of metalwork. I started it in a course but could not complete it there. I was lucky to get some advisory and workshop-space /-tools from my dad to get on with it. I doubt if I will do some more metalwork after this is finished. I do prefer to work with soapstone and modelling clay, but who knows? If I have a certain idea for a piece, I might go for it again. It´s the workingprocess I did not enjoy that much though I do like the endproduct(s), one sure can do many interesting sculptures and creatures and objects . Hope you are well 😉


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