Dragon work-in-progress and early sketches: another glimpse behind Faunia´s curtain

Hello dear readers,

here´s a bit of work-in-progress for you, still in an very early stage, but I think the personality of Tripodd, Faunia´s school-dragon already comes across.

I had thought about giving him three similar heads, but then found it a bit boring. Tripodd is a very enthusiastic teacher assistant who sees to it that all those clever little fauns, centaurs, waterfairies, waterdragons and other creatures are quiet and attentive. All three heads have supersensitive noses and expendable necks that can (and will!!) snap out when a child was not quick enough to hide his/her sandwich or sweet berries.


tri_1 tri_2 tri_3

Tripodd triggers my inner child like almost no other Faunia-creature so far 😉

Here we have some very early and very quick, rough idea-sketches of Miles Mulligan III, Faunia´s mayor…



…and of Woody, Faunia´s school teacher in his “best” years…

…and finally of waterfairy Ira  – and his kid Olivia (Lilly), whom I will sculpt soon , just as  her mum Moira.





Have a good day 😉




4 thoughts on “Dragon work-in-progress and early sketches: another glimpse behind Faunia´s curtain

  1. Love this, Cris. It is really interesting to see a work-in-progress. More photos of that kind would be cool. Love the sketches! Am totally impressed with your creative talent and imagination. Keep going, girlie; it can only lead somewhere wonderful xxxx


    • Hi Liz, thanks for your comment and feedback, it is highly appreciated 😉 Yes there will be more work-in-progress pics, and there will definetly be more sketches as there is soo much more to tell about those faunians. Hope you are well, please say hello for me to your “hubby” and “sis” ;-D


    • 😉 thanks, I am in the middle of concentrating a bit more on the sketching to portrait some crazy funny scenes …and there is still the story to be completed..and some more sculpting…and building some little sets…all great fun! Hope you are doing fine, great to hear from you!


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