A short but happy horsey holiday

After some very busy and exhausting months, I desperately needed a holiday to stay sane … a horsey holiday, to be more precise. During those few days in the wonderful environment right in the middle of Germany with some very nice people and horses accompanying me, it was a pleasure to be outside (despite the heat) and enjoy the stunning landscape. I feel much revived and have picked up my creative escapism in Faunia … so stay tuned to meet another creature soon – Louis, the intellectual assistant of Mayor Miles Mulligan.











2 thoughts on “A short but happy horsey holiday

    • 😉 yes, it´s a wonderful area and I keep returning…this was the first time though I´ve been there in summer (usually I went there in May) so it was nice to have a bit of a different season – and I am sure it´s gorgeous there in Octobre when the leaves turn red. The horses there are adorable – really well-mannered and cute ;-). Your Wales-trip sounded lovely, too (I´ve spent a great horse-riding-holiday there around the Brecon Beacons some years ago and have very fond memories of it)


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