New Series: Sketches -Doodles-Drawings

Hi all,

for quite some time now I tried to get myself to sketch and doodle and draw more – if possible on a regular (DAILY) basis…BUT… could not find any real inspiration or time or I wasn´t in the right mood…well, you might know what I mean.


Today was the day I started.


Because I was SO very inspired by the Fanstastic Mr. Fox, an absolutely amazing stop animation film that somehow had slipped my attention therefore I hadn´t seen it. But today I did see it and LOVED it so much I just HAD to draw a little fox in the snow.  I copied it from a photo I have from a animal welfare Organisation calendar. It took me less than an hour. That is the timeframe I go for.

And aren´t foxes absolutely BEAUTIFUL animals?


Have you seen Fantastic Mr. Fox? What was your favourite character?

I must say I completely fell in love with Ash – adorable 😉




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