What I do…

..when I feel stuck and do not seem to be able to do some “serious” art, I buy myself some very cheap notepads and turn them into some wild-fantasy-artsy-colourful-crazy-childish-fun journals I will then fill with my thoroughly intelligent and insightful thoughts. Like – what I want to accomplish within this fresh new year, for instance being more open-minded and focused, more forgiving and heartfelt friendlier – to others and myself, more committed (to whatever), more intellectual and well-read, more creative and innovative, healthier and stronger, slender and fit, more beautiful and….bloody hell, I´m almost starting to believe this ;-). No really, don´t we all tend to plan a bit too much and are a bit too hard on ourselves?

Just always want to be “more”…? Like…perfect?

My plan is to keep the “more” on a tight leash.

And as I know myself, that will be a hell of a job.

I hope your new year started well. Over here in the Northwest of Germany, we finally got some wonderful crunchy snow which I thoroughly enjoyed. Keep warm.

A belated very happy and successful new year to all of you, dear readers!

kladde_1 kladde_2 kladde_3


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