Work-in-progress: Scottish Face

Here´s a glimpse of a work-in-progress, “Dougal” ready to go hunting stag…well, not ready yet but in a while. I´m using the softer SuperSculpey lately and mix it occasionally with the firmer grey stuff, gives you a nice Zombie-colour but a good consistency for the tiny tiny detailled parts


Picture in the background copyright by Starz.


Handsome Scotsman with Dog – starting a Scot Sculpture Series

Hello there,

yes this corner has been quiet lately, but I was and am more than busy wth several jobrelated activities…still, I insist on finding time to do what matters very very much to me: sculpting. Although I finished the writing desk for handsome George of Faunia, there are still some minor works to be done there  – so it will be some time before will show it off here.

Meanwhile, I got carried away to Scotland, not literally but still thoroughly. “Outlander” hooked me. Those of you who might know the books by Diana Gabaldon and have watched the series know what I am talking about – all others: if you like stunning landscapes, great acting, fantastic costumes and a compelling love story , with “Outlander” you are at the right place. Anyway, herewith I start a “Scot Sculpture Series” by sculpting various characters from the story, starting with Jamie Fraser (portrayed by wonderful Sam Heughan – the role of his life, I would say) – my first human made in SuperSculpey , mind! Next one will be Dougal McKenzie (portrayed by wonderful Graham McTavish – I think he was made for this role!). But of course there will be more creatures of Faunia, by and by, it´s a never ending story 😉

So. Here we have the handsome scotsman with dog aka “Jamie with Lucais”. The sculpture is tiny, about 19 cm high which was very challenging for me as my macquettes are usually bigger…but I am really happy and content with the result –  and just love his costume, especially his waistcoat with the binding on the back. The Tartan gave me a headache and I had to leave out some details because it was just getting too time consuming…but it was absolutely wonderful to sculpt it. And yes, there just had to be a dog included in my”sculptural setting”, you know me…and Dougal McKenzie will definetly be accompanied by one of the impressive wolfhounds of Castle Leoch, to be sure.

To be continued… 😉

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Have a great week.


Seriously: For the love of dog…

Those of you who know me personally and / or have been following this blog for a while, know that I love dogs very much and go for walks regularly with lovely and adorable shelter dogs. As Christmas is near, quite a few people want to get a puppy as a present. In search for a fourlegged new family member, still too many look at the wrong places and buy a puppy from illegal puppy traders. Believe me – I´d love to have a dog myself, and of course I love puppies, but

This short animation film caught my attention and even though it´s only available in German, you´ll get the message even if you are not familiar with the language. I know and support the animal welfare organisation that put the film online (, and I find their work VERY important.

There will be another short blogpost before Christmas – until then: be well and don´t let the pre-Christmas-madness harm you.

“Francis of Faunia” … the movie?!

Hello there – long time no see ;-o

As you might have noticed (and some of my wonderful blog-friends did, as they told me 🙂 ) it´s been two month of silence in this space.

I´ve been too busy with other things unfortunately, but today I´ll share a vision of mine with you: The Faunians on Film!

Just a few days ago, I finished (within a very short timeframe) and presented a short but snappy presentation within a business course I am taking, where we could choose any topic we liked to give it a go… “Ha, great!” I thought, “Perfect occasion to talk about my Faunians! What could be more fun to seriously put up a concept of how to make an animation film of my Faunians – and play around a bit visually by placing my creatures in their appointed scenery?!” You must know that in the meantime, by and by, the story has evolved more and more, and the idea of really finding a way to bring Francis, Lucius, Jamie Finn and all the others to life just won´t let go… so there will be some serious script-writing going on and other plans I cannot really talk about right now…

…just one hint: you will see George & Mac (originally Georgio and Massimo) in a scenerie very symbolic as they are the founders of Faunia who built the city from “scrap” , and you´ll see Lucius in front of his Pub where he as the mysterious newcomer to Faunia starts his business but somehow seems much more interested in the cellars of the old building…a long forgotten treasure?!

When it comes to the other character, those of you who have spent time with me in Faunia from the start know of Francis, the little shy faun and hero of the story, his older sister Elka (both pictured in the forest where they were lost and saved by Faunians to then be adopted by George and Mac) , the cool musician Jamie Finn, Dougal the friendly waterdragon, Ira the waterfairy, Miles the mighty mayor and Louis his assistant plus his cute little son Ringo, the teachercreatures Woodys and one of my greatest loves Tripodd the clumsy schooldragon – and then finally Mortimer Crapshaw the grocer and his assistant Rufus, the coati (and best buddy of Francis).

Sure enough, there will be some more creatures but all in good time. For the business course, I put up a quick Power Point Presentation which was very well received (and for the audience, I also arranged a “meet & greet” session with Miles and Tripodd – those two enjoyed the attention like real Rockstars ;-D ).

I hope you enjoy the little Faunian movie clip…

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