Work-in-progress: A faunian bromance in the making

Hi there,

you might have wondered “What is she up to? What is she doing?”

Well, here´s the answer to your question:


The two founders of Faunia: George – intelligent and well-mannered, a thinker and philosopher & his brother Mac, “the maker”, a supercool dude who can repair anything anywhere anytime – not a man of many words though 😉

I´ve been busy finally getting these two guys into a full-body-version in SuperSculpey. Do you remember? So far there were only their heads made from airdrying modelling clay:

IMG_0036 mac

George (or his head, to be more precise) was the VERY FIRST creature / character I ever did with modelling clay! I am getting in a nostalgic mood just thinking about that . His look was strongly influenced by the adorable Mr Tumnus played by the equally adorable James McAvoy in the first Narnia-movie. And from then on, I could not be stopped 😉 More and more curious creatures evolved from my mind and there will be more. Well, these two as you can see are still in a raw state and will need quite some more work and time to be completed. And I am still learning by doing which is great fun – I have realised I need smaler sculpting tools to get a better grip of the details for their tiny faces. I also realised having a wire armature in arms and hands needs to be thought over next time – these are the hands I prepared , stage 1 and stage 2 .


I thought I was extra clever and would prevent fingers breaking off…and wondered why others (I watched some tutorials again) rarely or never put any wiring in their maquettes´ hands…I now know why – the stuff comes out at times and places where you don´t want it.

Anyway, I must say I already am in love with Mac, but George also has his charms and I look foreward to keep myself busy with them.

Stay tuned and see what becomes of these nice fellows, I will keep you updated  😉


Tadaah: Meet Louis LeMur and his little son Ringo

Finally, after quite some time of sculpting and painting and sewing, here we have the thoughtful and agile assistant of Faunia´s mayor Miles, Louis LeMur.

He always has a good advice and and intelligent remark at hand to keep Miles´s meandering comments at bay.


Louis´ little son Ringo, who is still a bit too small to attend school, loves to accompany him at work, when mom Stella is busy giving her dancing workshops.

Ringo loves to cuddle his red felt teddy bear, to listen to the two grownups and to roll himself into a furr ball when joining Miles for his after-lunch-nap on the comfy office Sofa.

IMG_0066klein IMG_0067klein

(pics by Th Schramm, view

😉  And this is how a typical day at the mayor´s office looks like :



Step into the office of Miles Mulligan III.



(pics by Th. Schramm)

Welcome to the office of mayor Miles Mulligan III, fully “garbed” in his best – well – fur, a nice handmade mug with a dipped-in biscuit handy (not in tea, rather a veggie-broth as the whole community of my fantasy realm is vegetarian), a functional stylish (kind of) desk and quite a few meaningful thoughts to share. I imagine him having a nice full far-carrying baritone voice (Richard Armitage-ish) with a slight Scottish accent ;-).

I had a lot of fun scultping & painting him and crafting his office “chair” and “desk”. The latter both are made of styrofoam. For the sofa – yes I name it, can´t really tap around it, eh? He loves his comfy office-sofa – I used felt which I sewed onto the base.

The mug is made from clay, the biscuits are – can you believe it – real, just like the pen and paper. Oh and the carpet is handknitted by me, yeah I know a bit wobbly , but it´s rustic style out there in Faunia.

Hope he makes you smile just like he made me smile on this rainy monday. Please feel free to comment, I look foreward to hearing from you.