Some fallen trees

These days, a lot of fallen trees caught my attention. Even though sad that the recent storm killed so many of them, they have not lost their beauty which I enjoyed capturing by camera.

These pics mostly were taken during my recent evening walkies with one of my favorite four-pawed buddies, Rudi (yes, he is a dog event though he looks like and feels like a big fluffy teddy bear).



Today, I was lucky to walk with a gorgeous, friendly and…ahem…lively purebred Alaskan Malamute.

Our local shelter presently has 3 of these remarkable dogs from a dog breeder who had to resolve his business. It was a joy to spend the morning with Hardy outdoors, and he sure is very very charming. It´s the first time I encountered an Alaskan Malamute that close and I really am absolutely enchanted.

Maybe next Saturday I bring my running shoes and do him a bit more justice by speeding the “walkies” up a bit…gee!…haw!… 😉


Snaps transformed: some new stuff

Hi all,

I have a holiday ahead of me and am determined to find the time to finish my two handsome faunian fauns. So keep an eye on this space – there will be news from Faunia in a week or so. The last weeks were too tiresome for me to seriously interact with my muse. At least I took some photos on yesterday´s stroll with my beloved four-pawed-buddy Nando, and having my camera with me I also captured some (for me) everyday-views and quickly played around with colours to “jazz them up”. I really intend to take my camera with me more often, because then I take in my environment in a more intense way, especially when I walk around areas I find extremely familiar and normally would not pay attention to details. And – as you might have noticed –  I find animals very inspiring, how they act and how they look, so there will be more of that in my blog´s “photo-corner”. But behold – this will not turn into a sole photo-blog ;-), as there are too many interesting areas in creativity to explore…

What about you, dear readers, what is your personal method of inspiration? How do you get yourself into a creative mood to start with a creative project, and keep up with it until it´s finished? I´d love to hear from you.

a_nando a_nando_1 a_nando_2 a_nando_3 amphore amphore_2 amphore_1 amphore_3 bachweg bachweg_1 bachweg_2 bachweg_3 feld feld_1 feld_2 feld_3 rapsweg rapsweg_1 rapsweg_2 rapsweg_3

Snow Snaps transformed

We´ve had some wonderful snow this week-end, which seems to be more and more unusual in these parts of the country. So my fluffy companion and I enjoyed the crunchy fresh snow a lot and spent a great two-hour-walk through winterwonderland.





Seriously: For the love of dog…

Those of you who know me personally and / or have been following this blog for a while, know that I love dogs very much and go for walks regularly with lovely and adorable shelter dogs. As Christmas is near, quite a few people want to get a puppy as a present. In search for a fourlegged new family member, still too many look at the wrong places and buy a puppy from illegal puppy traders. Believe me – I´d love to have a dog myself, and of course I love puppies, but

This short animation film caught my attention and even though it´s only available in German, you´ll get the message even if you are not familiar with the language. I know and support the animal welfare organisation that put the film online (, and I find their work VERY important.

There will be another short blogpost before Christmas – until then: be well and don´t let the pre-Christmas-madness harm you.

Snaps transformed part IV

Hi there,

for the moment this is the last part of the “snaps transformed” mini – series. Am still skindeep in my struggle with a 3-headed dragon but will fill the upcoming blog-gap with a last post of botanic beauty soon.

Have a nice day and an awesome upcoming weekend –  sing, dance and be merry 😉

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A very hobbity Easter – or: When I met Sir Richard Taylor…

Yes, you got that right. Yesterday I met Sir Richard Taylor. Of WETA Workshop in New Zealand. I met him in person. Really.

But let me start from the beginning. And be warned – this will be a blogpost maybe only enjoyable for those of you who take a strong interest in the world of Middle-earth and its peoples, the Lord of the Rings- and Hobbit-movies, creative costumes and a very special kind of escapism.

Meeting peoples of Middle-earth

This weekend, in Bonn (near Cologne) a very unique convention took place – the HobbitCon. I went. The whole Easter Sunday. It was my very first Con ever. It was a fun and slightly surreal experience. A day of being surrounded by stunning dwarves, beautiful elves, cuddly hobbits, one scary Azog, ringwraiths, fauns and all kinds of Tolkienish or non-Tolkienish fantasy characters, creatures, art, weapons, gems, costumes, books, Accessoires…

Meeting the „real“ Dwarves

Eight of the dwarf-actors were walking around in the area freely, hitting the bar in the evening, chatting with fans, telling hilarious stories about their time filming the Hobbit-movie. Those guys are so nice and had such a great time. I went to I think 3 of their panels and I especially remember the one with Jed Brophy (Nori), Dean O´Gorman (Fili), Stephen Hunter (Bombur), Adam Brown (Ori) and Mark Hadlow (Dori). During that hour where they answered questions from the audience and of course making fun of each other frequently, there were several occasions where those guys could not keep themselves standing upright because they laughed so hard , and so did we ;-). It was SO enjoyable

Meeting Sir Richard

All in all – the main reason I went to this event was getting a chance to meet Sir Richard Taylor. I admire him and his team SO much. They are so INCREDIBLY talented and creative, have such a vivid and inspiring imagination, such a great sense of humour and are so generous and open to their fans with giving information about what they do. So – as a well-informed fan, I know that he loves dogs as do many of his team members. They have a canine crew of 9 dogs owned by designers running around at WETA Workshop (sounds like heaven to me). Suddenly this crazy idea formed that I just would LOVE to give him a present he really might like and keep, and that I would really enjoy to make. There was no doubt: it just HAD to be a fun dog-biscuit-box with a cute and cuddly dog-sculpture on it. And I thought the best and safest occasion to hand it over was to attend his autograph session.

Well…. he liked the present very much. He asked me to hold it so he could take a photo of me and the box on his iphone, which he did. And he asked me to sign the box for him. Which I did. And told me he would place it in the cabinet they have at WETA right in front. ;-D

This is the Waldo Weta biscuit-box.








this is the bone inside (as there was also a bit of chocolate for Richard)




And he signed my brandnew WETA Artbook “Smaug – Unleashing the Dragon”and wrote a really nice “thank you ” note.



Here´s a bit more flesh to the bone:

I stood in line for quite a bit to hand over Waldo and speak to Richard. In the queue in front of me a blonde bearded dwarf-lady. Behind me her friend, a dark-haired and –bearded dwarf-lady. Surreal. And very amusing.

He took so much care to speak a few words with everyone who came for his autograph and would also see to it not to simply sign with his name but to write a few more personal words.

He was SO nice and polite and patient!

When I walked up to his table and said, after the greetings „I could not resist to sculpt you a present“ you should have seen his face, it was like „What in the world is coming now, what is this woman up to?!?!“ 😉 If I hadn´t been in such a state of dizzy-excited-staring-and-smiling-stupidly, I would have chuckled inwardly. I do now, though ;-)).

So when I got Waldo out of my bag, babbling how I knew of his love for dogs, his eyes grew large and he smiled and said Oh he is gorgeous! What a lovely gift“. So I went on mentioning I had read in their newsletter that they have about 8 or 9 dogs at WETA Workshop, he smiled even more „Yes, I sure like having dogs around, they keep the pressure at bay“. At the moment, they have 9, the newest arrival is a young beautiful French Poodle. And then he went „Let me tell you a short story. You know Cher?“ and there the questionmark was in MY face, wondering „Yeah sure, but what does Cher have to do with dogs?“ 😉 „Well, Cher came visiting one day and we noticed her wearing a bracelet saying „I did not vote for Bush“. At WETA we are quite political, so we really thought her bracelett was a cool idea for a great statement. So Cher had small bracelets made for all the WETA dogs, and we took a picture of all the dogs wearing their bracelet and raising their paws to state that they did not vote for Bush, either!“ ;-D

Now isn´t that the cutest story??!?I would just LOVE to see that photo.

Here we go with some overall impressions from the event – costumes, room-decoration from Middle-earth, dwarves, costume contest etc etc…enjoy ;-).





























….this will be all for the moment, I hope you had a bit of fun joining me 😉 It sure was a very unusual Easter Holiday for me and unforgettable in many ways.