Look at me-ee-ah!

Yay!  A fun paint-job finished …Lucius sure is a good-looking bloke, don´t you think?



LUCI-A - Kopie              LUCI-B - Kopie

Now, if I were a young teenage faun-girl like Elka (please see my earlier post in cat. creatures and characters) I sure would have a crush on him, too 😉 .
And that is an important part of the story happening in my fantasy realm….but of course I cannot tell you any details right now, just as much…there will be a tragic love story, an adventure with a mysthical treasure to discover, strong friendships to form, surprising events to happen, family bonds to develop, some dreams to come true, some dreams to fail, unhealthy ambitions to mistrust, courage and loyalty to support and much much more…and all that will take place in a little community with a bunch of (mainly) goodhearted creatures of many different forms and types.


My precious Lucius – a centaur for the centerfold?!

Now – here´s my charming centaur, ready to trot into the oven to get baked! I was surprised I had to get some new finer tools to work on him – see him presenting them in this first picture ;-). But even though I thought I almost had any necessary kind of sculpting tool there is, I found the super sculpey quite tricky and had to update …. Now  of course I am learning by doing and hey – he´s my first! And in my fantasy realm there are plenty of hoofed creatures great and small that still need to be sculpted from head to – well, hoof, … I sure will get some more practise.
So stay with me to see what fun and mysterious characters we´ll come across in the near future 🙂





work-in-progress: supersculpting a donkey centaur

Hi, some of you might remember an older post from my creature and character section of my fantasy realm. The character I´m talking about is the shady muli/donkey centaur Lucius Donk, the villain-to-be of the story I´m working on. So far, there was a sculpted and painted head and there was a first-try-full-body maquette. But then I got my hands on SuperSculpey and…well see the first results. He still is a bit too short legged but hey, he´s a donkey. And his expression should be a bit more cunning and sinister, but I think he is just too happy about the sixpack I gave him so don´t trust his smile 😉





this last pic shows the head on the left, the first-try-maquette with way-too-short-legs on the right and the little play-Quarterhorse I used as a reference up front.

It sure is a challenge – sculpting horses (donkeys)  and human bodies. But I enjoy it and will work on him the next days.