Dramatic skies


just a quick something to enter the weekend – a pic I took on one of my recent walkies.

The weather is rather unruly presently with an autumnal atmosphere one day, followed by highsummer temperatures the next… ah well.

I started a new mixed media piece where I plan to use exotically coloured fabric and metal, probably again some paperscraps / natural fibres,  as well as using some new colour printing techniques ..so far it´s fun. Will post some w-i-p soon.

If you are interested – I put up a website where most of my artwork is stuffed in in an organized way (except photography, I´ll keep that out of there, at least for now). I will continue with this blog, though, more or less in the same fashion.

So this is it: artworks-by-cris.com


Today, I was lucky to walk with a gorgeous, friendly and…ahem…lively purebred Alaskan Malamute.

Our local shelter presently has 3 of these remarkable dogs from a dog breeder who had to resolve his business. It was a joy to spend the morning with Hardy outdoors, and he sure is very very charming. It´s the first time I encountered an Alaskan Malamute that close and I really am absolutely enchanted.

Maybe next Saturday I bring my running shoes and do him a bit more justice by speeding the “walkies” up a bit…gee!…haw!… 😉


Snaps transformed – ongoing series

Hi all,
as I am busy working on my recent maquettes and doodling a bit by and by, at this point there is not really anything to show but I felt like posting a nice little something – so these snaps I did a few days ago come in handy. Again, I played around with them a bit, without a plan or concept what their transformations should look like in the end. I just started working on them and stopped when I liked the result 😉
I took these pics when trodding along my usual walking paths which I – I admit it – find quite ordinary. But when taking my camera with me on purpose and then taking a closer look of the views I captured when working on them, it does change my taking-for-granted-attitude each and every time. It´s nice out there! And spring is on it´s way! So enjoy and have a good week ahead.

weg1 weg1a weg1b weg1c

weg2 weg2a

weg2b weg2c

weg3 weg3a weg3b weg3c

weg4 weg4a weg4b weg4c



A short but happy horsey holiday

After some very busy and exhausting months, I desperately needed a holiday to stay sane … a horsey holiday, to be more precise. During those few days in the wonderful environment right in the middle of Germany with some very nice people and horses accompanying me, it was a pleasure to be outside (despite the heat) and enjoy the stunning landscape. I feel much revived and have picked up my creative escapism in Faunia … so stay tuned to meet another creature soon – Louis, the intellectual assistant of Mayor Miles Mulligan.










Botanic beauties part III

Good afternoon,

to combat the current rainstorms we have here at the moment, let´s enjoy a bit of nature´s colours in this (for the moment) last part of my botanic beauties series.

Very soon there will be a work-in-progress post of the three-headed-school-dragon of Faunia  … more cuddly & comical than fierce & fiery 😉

Have a good day.





















Snaps transformed part III

Here´s some more of what I did with my recent walk´n´shoots. Have fun 😉

??????????????????????????????? ente3 ???????????????????????????????


weg_x weg_x1


??????????????????????????????? nando_3 nando_1


weg_y weg_y1


ente_2 ente_2b ente_2a


fluss fluss_1 fluss_2 fluss_3


ente_1 ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


teich teich1


birke_x ??????????????????????????????? birke_x1