Tiny desk for a nerdy faun and a glimpse into an artist´s studio….

Hiya, how are you, dear readers?
Here is the covenient writer´s desk of George, the “nerdy” one of the two brothers who founded Faunia.

It has a hinged lid – and I surely would not mind to have such a practical and nice piece of furniture in my studio as well;-)

By the way –  it´s the first furniture-prop I made from wood,  and the tiny book is another “first time try” – I had a great time making those two pieces 😉




And this is my “working” space where all my ideas come to life.
Dull, eh ? 😉
Right there in the middle on my desk you can see a greyish blob – that´s a new piece of work-in-progress of my ongoing “Scottish Sculpture Series” –  a grim Scotsman (Dougal McKenzie of the fantastic Outlander-World) with his brave deerhound (any idea for a really nice Scottish dog name?? Hamish? Graeme?). Do I have any Scottish followers with some inspiration in that regard???
That piece of work will be named “Hunting Stag”. And yes – of course I will return to Faunia, but my heart&mind are still stuck in Scotland and enjoy my “holidays” there tremendously.



Handsome Scotsman with Dog – starting a Scot Sculpture Series

Hello there,

yes this corner has been quiet lately, but I was and am more than busy wth several jobrelated activities…still, I insist on finding time to do what matters very very much to me: sculpting. Although I finished the writing desk for handsome George of Faunia, there are still some minor works to be done there  – so it will be some time before will show it off here.

Meanwhile, I got carried away to Scotland, not literally but still thoroughly. “Outlander” hooked me. Those of you who might know the books by Diana Gabaldon and have watched the series know what I am talking about – all others: if you like stunning landscapes, great acting, fantastic costumes and a compelling love story , with “Outlander” you are at the right place. Anyway, herewith I start a “Scot Sculpture Series” by sculpting various characters from the story, starting with Jamie Fraser (portrayed by wonderful Sam Heughan – the role of his life, I would say) – my first human made in SuperSculpey , mind! Next one will be Dougal McKenzie (portrayed by wonderful Graham McTavish – I think he was made for this role!). But of course there will be more creatures of Faunia, by and by, it´s a never ending story 😉

So. Here we have the handsome scotsman with dog aka “Jamie with Lucais”. The sculpture is tiny, about 19 cm high which was very challenging for me as my macquettes are usually bigger…but I am really happy and content with the result –  and just love his costume, especially his waistcoat with the binding on the back. The Tartan gave me a headache and I had to leave out some details because it was just getting too time consuming…but it was absolutely wonderful to sculpt it. And yes, there just had to be a dog included in my”sculptural setting”, you know me…and Dougal McKenzie will definetly be accompanied by one of the impressive wolfhounds of Castle Leoch, to be sure.

To be continued… 😉

Oh by the way. I am on Facebook now, maybe you´d like to drop by some time there and connect.

Have a great week.


Tadaah: Meet Louis LeMur and his little son Ringo

Finally, after quite some time of sculpting and painting and sewing, here we have the thoughtful and agile assistant of Faunia´s mayor Miles, Louis LeMur.

He always has a good advice and and intelligent remark at hand to keep Miles´s meandering comments at bay.


Louis´ little son Ringo, who is still a bit too small to attend school, loves to accompany him at work, when mom Stella is busy giving her dancing workshops.

Ringo loves to cuddle his red felt teddy bear, to listen to the two grownups and to roll himself into a furr ball when joining Miles for his after-lunch-nap on the comfy office Sofa.

IMG_0066klein IMG_0067klein

(pics by Th Schramm, view facebook.com/thomasschrammphotography)

😉  And this is how a typical day at the mayor´s office looks like :



Dog and Dragon update.

Hi there, dear readers!

This post will be about two of my favourite topics: Dogs and dragons 😉

Last weekend, I had to say good-bye to my beloved “walkies”-buddy Nando, because he has found a new home and hopefully will be happy there. So this past week-end, I made a new friend – this is sweet Chicca, a very well-mannered and friendly dog with a cute moustachy face, quite tall, and with a bit of Schnauzer. We got along beautifully even though I do not know what “Sit!” and “Give paw!” in Romanian is (that´s where she´s from), as she does not know it in German – yet ;-).


And apart from making lovely new friends, I´ve been in Faunia, sculpting my clumsy three-headed school-dragon Tripodd…I herewith proclaim him almost finished!

There will be some tiny details to add, but all in all, that´s him!  I imagine him well in summer when he takes the little fauns and centaurs and other creatures on his back after school to carry them to the pond for a thorough swim. He s a very distant cousin of Dougal, the pond-police”man” (ah waterdragon) and enjoys dog-paddling in the cool water.




TRI_neu2  TRI_neu3



After I have finished him ,  I will do some serious sketching to give you a clearer idea what all those crazy characters are doing in Faunia.

Until then – hang on, there will be posts to different creative topics  ! 😉



Dragon work-in-progress and early sketches: another glimpse behind Faunia´s curtain

Hello dear readers,

here´s a bit of work-in-progress for you, still in an very early stage, but I think the personality of Tripodd, Faunia´s school-dragon already comes across.

I had thought about giving him three similar heads, but then found it a bit boring. Tripodd is a very enthusiastic teacher assistant who sees to it that all those clever little fauns, centaurs, waterfairies, waterdragons and other creatures are quiet and attentive. All three heads have supersensitive noses and expendable necks that can (and will!!) snap out when a child was not quick enough to hide his/her sandwich or sweet berries.


tri_1 tri_2 tri_3

Tripodd triggers my inner child like almost no other Faunia-creature so far 😉

Here we have some very early and very quick, rough idea-sketches of Miles Mulligan III, Faunia´s mayor…



…and of Woody, Faunia´s school teacher in his “best” years…

…and finally of waterfairy Ira  – and his kid Olivia (Lilly), whom I will sculpt soon , just as  her mum Moira.





Have a good day 😉



A very hobbity Easter – or: When I met Sir Richard Taylor…

Yes, you got that right. Yesterday I met Sir Richard Taylor. Of WETA Workshop in New Zealand. I met him in person. Really.

But let me start from the beginning. And be warned – this will be a blogpost maybe only enjoyable for those of you who take a strong interest in the world of Middle-earth and its peoples, the Lord of the Rings- and Hobbit-movies, creative costumes and a very special kind of escapism.

Meeting peoples of Middle-earth

This weekend, in Bonn (near Cologne) a very unique convention took place – the HobbitCon. I went. The whole Easter Sunday. It was my very first Con ever. It was a fun and slightly surreal experience. A day of being surrounded by stunning dwarves, beautiful elves, cuddly hobbits, one scary Azog, ringwraiths, fauns and all kinds of Tolkienish or non-Tolkienish fantasy characters, creatures, art, weapons, gems, costumes, books, Accessoires…

Meeting the „real“ Dwarves

Eight of the dwarf-actors were walking around in the area freely, hitting the bar in the evening, chatting with fans, telling hilarious stories about their time filming the Hobbit-movie. Those guys are so nice and had such a great time. I went to I think 3 of their panels and I especially remember the one with Jed Brophy (Nori), Dean O´Gorman (Fili), Stephen Hunter (Bombur), Adam Brown (Ori) and Mark Hadlow (Dori). During that hour where they answered questions from the audience and of course making fun of each other frequently, there were several occasions where those guys could not keep themselves standing upright because they laughed so hard , and so did we ;-). It was SO enjoyable

Meeting Sir Richard

All in all – the main reason I went to this event was getting a chance to meet Sir Richard Taylor. I admire him and his team SO much. They are so INCREDIBLY talented and creative, have such a vivid and inspiring imagination, such a great sense of humour and are so generous and open to their fans with giving information about what they do. So – as a well-informed fan, I know that he loves dogs as do many of his team members. They have a canine crew of 9 dogs owned by designers running around at WETA Workshop (sounds like heaven to me). Suddenly this crazy idea formed that I just would LOVE to give him a present he really might like and keep, and that I would really enjoy to make. There was no doubt: it just HAD to be a fun dog-biscuit-box with a cute and cuddly dog-sculpture on it. And I thought the best and safest occasion to hand it over was to attend his autograph session.

Well…. he liked the present very much. He asked me to hold it so he could take a photo of me and the box on his iphone, which he did. And he asked me to sign the box for him. Which I did. And told me he would place it in the cabinet they have at WETA right in front. ;-D

This is the Waldo Weta biscuit-box.








this is the bone inside (as there was also a bit of chocolate for Richard)




And he signed my brandnew WETA Artbook “Smaug – Unleashing the Dragon”and wrote a really nice “thank you ” note.



Here´s a bit more flesh to the bone:

I stood in line for quite a bit to hand over Waldo and speak to Richard. In the queue in front of me a blonde bearded dwarf-lady. Behind me her friend, a dark-haired and –bearded dwarf-lady. Surreal. And very amusing.

He took so much care to speak a few words with everyone who came for his autograph and would also see to it not to simply sign with his name but to write a few more personal words.

He was SO nice and polite and patient!

When I walked up to his table and said, after the greetings „I could not resist to sculpt you a present“ you should have seen his face, it was like „What in the world is coming now, what is this woman up to?!?!“ 😉 If I hadn´t been in such a state of dizzy-excited-staring-and-smiling-stupidly, I would have chuckled inwardly. I do now, though ;-)).

So when I got Waldo out of my bag, babbling how I knew of his love for dogs, his eyes grew large and he smiled and said Oh he is gorgeous! What a lovely gift“. So I went on mentioning I had read in their newsletter that they have about 8 or 9 dogs at WETA Workshop, he smiled even more „Yes, I sure like having dogs around, they keep the pressure at bay“. At the moment, they have 9, the newest arrival is a young beautiful French Poodle. And then he went „Let me tell you a short story. You know Cher?“ and there the questionmark was in MY face, wondering „Yeah sure, but what does Cher have to do with dogs?“ 😉 „Well, Cher came visiting one day and we noticed her wearing a bracelet saying „I did not vote for Bush“. At WETA we are quite political, so we really thought her bracelett was a cool idea for a great statement. So Cher had small bracelets made for all the WETA dogs, and we took a picture of all the dogs wearing their bracelet and raising their paws to state that they did not vote for Bush, either!“ ;-D

Now isn´t that the cutest story??!?I would just LOVE to see that photo.

Here we go with some overall impressions from the event – costumes, room-decoration from Middle-earth, dwarves, costume contest etc etc…enjoy ;-).





























….this will be all for the moment, I hope you had a bit of fun joining me 😉 It sure was a very unusual Easter Holiday for me and unforgettable in many ways.


work-in-progress: mayor Miles Mulligan III rules with love and dog biscuits

Here we have the office of the mayor of my little fantasy realm which I named Faunia.
Its mayor, a respectable and wise dog with the impressive name of Miles Mulligan III, has made himself comfortable  in his office- …eh “chair ” to think and decide over important community matters.
His secretary, whom you will meet at another point of the story, supports and advises him as best as he can and takes his most important task – ALWAYS  keep the pantry and the bowl next to the chair full of dog biscuits – very seriously, it is a matter of life or death, believe me.

I will see to it that Miles gets a bit furrier and gets an nice wooden office desk.