Felt like felting

Recently I made a small case for my keys from felt and just as the weather turned sunny, my shades are almost in daily use now – and when they are not, they need protection. So I made these two bright-colored cases, too. They are really practical, just I wanted them to be (well they are custommade, aren´t they), and no one else has such cases which I also like :-). I enjoyed this litte creative project “on the side”.


New photo series: Black and White … and a bit of work-in-progress

So, I am more or less forced to stay at home at present because of a very bad cold, and I am getting a bit edgy & in need to be a bit creative…inspired by a friend, I continued something I had started some time ago: single out some nice nature-pics and see how they turn out in black and white (because my mood is a bit blackish) … This will be the start of a new series of black and whites.

These are all from one of my travels through New Zealand.


But here´s also a bit of color…a work-in-progress mixed media piece, with some nice structure and glued on metal parts. We´ll see where it goes…. At present I like to work on up to three different small-format paintings simultanously.

Some of the latest miscellaneous creative endeavours

So, here are my latest creative endeavours.

First: a knitted scarf I am really happy with – sporting a quite spontaneous stripe-design, using up some wool I still had in my closet for ages (leftover from a felting-tryout where I discovered I strongly dislike felting). I very much like the colours and the scarf is very cosy, just what I need right now where the November weather is starting to show its nasty side.

Second: some pics of the Thanksgiving Table Decoration I put up when I hosted a small family dinner on that occasion. The menu started with a beetroot-carrot soup accompanied by polenta-cakes and zucchini pesto, followed by two-kinds-of homemade gnocchi (pumpkin & sweet potatoe), brokkoli & romanesco and a light sage sauce, to end with a crumble (blackberries and – of course – cranberries) with rich & fluffy vegan cream. It was lovely. The pictures of wild animals on the menu cards I made take into account each family member´s favourite one – dad´s is the eagle, mom´s  is the owl and mine is the wolf :-).

Third: some pics of my favourite walking area bathing in the (last) sunny-golden October-light. I admit I am besotted by the view you have to the left and to the right onto that little streamlet when standing on that tiny bridge. I love it.





Some more sunny explorations

Went for more walks and hikes whenever possible and especially when the sun was out. Some more pics from the lovely lake and from a short spontanous cycling-trip not far away. The nice path led to nowhere or to be clearer was so overgrown with weeds I could not go on. But that´s the kind of hiking I like – try a path you fancy and see what comes up. And I cannot get enough of the colors at present.


Beautyful birch trees at a serene lake

So far, the nearby lake is my favorite spot to indulge in beautiful colors and smells of nature. Only about 20 minutes walking distance from my place, I enjoyed a thorough photo-session even though the weather was a bit tricky…cast over and wet. Ah well, as soon as there is another clear sunny day I´m off to that place again. Took a snack and a bottle of hot tea with me and really had a blast being surrounded by dense trees and glorious autumnal colors & smells. The trees around the lake are wonderful, those next to the water look almost like mangroves, their roots holding on to the land fiercely.

Moorish biking with hidden lake

So today I made another bike tour with just a tiny bit of planning where to go – which turned out just perfect (again) and took me just a few minutes down one of the main roads (which also offers nice views with pretty farmsteads and estates surrounded by impressive old trees) and then a few short turns to come across a wooden bridge onto some lovely lonely pathway along a little rivulet to a hidden lake I spottet on the other side. Fortunately it was easy to access and I enjoyed the glorious sunshine on the quiet water under the shadow of some birch trees. All the area is a nature reserve, so the lake is left alone by boating&bathing people. A wonderful spot for a picnic. I feel lucky to live in such an (almost outrageous) idyllic place where it takes me only a few minutes to reach such a vast and really beautiful recreation area with hundreds of walking and biking ways through moorish landscapes and (almost) wilderness. And sooo few people, I love it. Once in a looong while one might meet a group of fellow cyclists or people walking their dog(s) but most of the time one can enjoy the solitude out in nature.

And I have just started to explore…

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Some more lush green views in Golden October

Went on a little trip to further explore the nice area, took some pics along the way but especially in a beautiful vast forest about half an hour away (by bike) from my new home. Will visit there again for sure. Glad to have moved house in this still sunny and outdoor-friendly month being able to look around before daylight-hours become scarce.