Moorish walkies- lovely views

When it comes to “walkies”, I´ve really been quite lucky so far – pawsome company, lovely landscapes…So this week I took a superchilled, handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback through the wonderful moorish forest area near the place where I work. The pictures hardly do the place justice, it really has a unique atmosphere, especially with the strange brooding skies, changing weathers with sun & drizzle adding a bit of drama. I enjoyed it tremendously and fortunately will be able to go back to explore the vast area some more. No wonder I ran into professional photographers twice there – it sure has a lot to offer with the vibrant colours of the different types of heather, the black and white bark of birches, flaming reddish-orange berries of the rowan trees and lush green grass.

More Black and White Photography from New Zealand

Here are some more “dramatic” black and white pictures, all from my travels to New Zealand.



Black and White Photography

Felt like selecting and posting some pics in black and white I thought were quite nice. Those were taken over the years when travelling or commuting.

These botanical pics are from plants seen in New Zealand.



These two are from London (Greenwhich)


This is the towncastle in Oldenburg, Germany.

These are from Groningen, Netherlands.




Cowboy Curtis – third wood gnarlie finished

So this is the third “wood gnarlie” I finished. Tiny and challenging, from birch wood. It was fun especially after I had reached that certain “breaking point” where the work suddenly seems to make sense and the flow begins. Before that it sometimes can be a bit … ah well … gruelling. I called this one Cute Curtis because to me he looks a bit like a Cowboy with his dimply chiselled chin and reminds me a bit of Woody from “Toy Story”, so there you go.


New friendly tiny wood gnarlie – work in progress


so here´s the piece I am working on at present, a very tiny head, challenging because of the size but again a lot of fun. It´s still in the early ages and I am not soooo sure how it will turn out. But in any case – it´s a fun process I really enjoy a lot.

I need to force myself to take breaks in between because the hands get tired more quickly than I like :-).

Two wood gnarlies finished – “Enno” and “Joshua”

Hi, here are the two finished wooden heads – the newer one, “Joshua”, is about 9 cm high, whereas the first one is really tiny, about 5 cm high. “Joshua” was more easy to handle with the tools I have, so for the upcoming tiny gnarlies I think I´ll stick with that height.










Bearded wood gnarlie – handsome fellow


here is another work-in-progress pic of my newest “wood gnarlie”. This bearded bloke will stay mostly unkempt and rough , a little bit of work will be done but I think he is almost finished.