Funny Finnegan – tiny gnarlie with a laugh

This is the newest little wooden guy in my serie of gnarly fellas. Tiny, just about 8 cm high. From birch wood.

Enjoyed it, took some time to finish this one . Will continue to do more 🙂 The smaller these guys are, the harder it gets to take decent photographs of them.




Back to Sicily – on paper


I´ve been travelling to Sicily again – years ago for real, recently on paper. This is a very quick sketch with watercolour and ink (and watercolour pencils). From time to time, I step back a bit from my detail-frenzy and try to consciously leave out this and that in the hope, the viewer´s eyes “fill in the blanks”. I enjoyed sketching this, the photo has such a nice misty mountain feeling with colours I really like a lot. Have a good weekend!


New Zealand Skies – Sailing into the weekend

So this is another beautiful view I enjoyed when travelling through New Zealand. I had no specific memory of this photo, but I gladly used it as a reference for my newest sketchbook-entry for my ongoing series “wanderlust”. I always indulge in painting dramatic skies.

British Summer idyll – sketching Avebury in watercolour & ink

So I did some more travelling on paper – this is a sketch of the lovely town Avebury in Wiltshire, England, which I visited some years ago.

I am content how the flowers turned out, and the perspective seems ok which was one of my main concerns.

I enjoyed working on this and am happy I kept going despite finding perspective drawing still very demanding. But the only answer is PRACTICE. My real passion though is to paint landscapes with a moody, gloomy atmosphere & dramatic skies and then use a good amount of pitchblack ink 🙂 … So guess I´ll just try to keep a healthy balance between idyllic, lovely, pretty and colourful vistas and those dark, melancholic & sombre sceneries.


Reference photo on the left and the sketch with the masking fluid in place to cover up the areas that are supposed to stay white / light One can paint over it when it´s dry, and then after the paint is dry one can rub it off with the fingertips to then paint those spots in a lighter colour or leave it white.

2.The reference photo on the left / the finished sketch on the right

3.Scanned-in-version of the sketch…To give prove the chimney in the upper-right hand corner is NOT tumbling down as the smaller sketch seems to suggest 😉

Travelling on paper – Some more Venezuela

This sketch is based on a pic I took on a holiday in Venezuela, some years ago.

I liked the vibrant colours of the buildings and the summer-atmosphere. I smuggled the dogs into the sketch to make it a bit more lively – and in my opinion, there can never be enough dogs :-).

The sketch was meant to focus on the buildings / architecture and the perspective, but, well…I got carried away, wanting some four-legged cuties in the picture. I like how they encourage the viewer to “come and play with us”. I used water colour and ink (and some fine liner).


This is the reference pic, and the work-in-progress

Dramatic Skies in Venezuela – travelling on paper

Some new sketches for my series “combat wanderlust – travel on paper”. So I´ve been to Venezuela on paper (many years ago for real), and am a sucker for a bit of dramatic skies 😆.These two new entries in my sketchbook are done with watercolour and ink. Am still enjoying these small formats and the mixed media. I´ve tried to get into architectural sketching again, but feel I cannot concentrate enough for the detailed work in pencil beforehand, so that has to wait until my patience is in better shape.

Spanish Sketching – Ronda with spectacular cliffs

Here are two new sketches to combat my wanderlust – Ronda is an interesting town in Spain built on cliffs with really spectacular views. The sketches show the “puento nuevo” (“new bridge”) / a view from near the bridge in the historical part of town. I spent a nice day there during a holiday some years ago, and I remember finding it really fascinating (and very very hot).

I used inks and water colour.

Moody Ink Sketching

A quick ink & water colour sketch of an area where I used to go on extended walkies with the lovely dogs of the nearby shelter. I got into the habit quickly to take pictures, and would often then work on them afterwards in one or the other creative way. The reference photo I liked because of the gloomy, moody cloudy atmosphere. And I love using ink when sketching.

New addition to my sketchbook – Golden Lake View

This is a sketch I just finished, done with watercolour (mainly pencils).

The lake is near where I live, actually my favourite place in this area. I took the reference pic in a Golden October not long ago, when my spirits were high as I had just moved to this area. It seemed as if nature welcomed me by putting on an awesome light show which I acknowledged thankfully by taking plenty of photos while enjoying long long walks outdoors. One of these days I´ll take my sketchbook and sit at the lake and try to sketch a different view.

And now for something completely different…

…well, not completely, but a bit different from the media I used lately.

This is a mixed media piece of 20 x 20 cm where I used acryllics and metal as well as stamping foil. I discarded it some time ago because I was a bit bored with it and did not really feel like continuing to work on it. A few days ago I got inspired by some interesting usage of stitching in artwork, so I added some red & yellow yarn and wool to this piece and am quite content with the look of it now.